Favourite Gig ever played?
DeeExpus supporting Marillion, Wolves Civic, Wolverhampton

Highlight of your time with DX?
Working on The King with Andy and “The Rubber Rhino”

Favourite DX Song?
Memo, PTtee or Marty & The Magic Moose. Impossible to choose between them!

Current Top 3 Songs?
Anesthetize – Porcupine Tree, Du Hast – Rammstien, Mr Jones – Counting Crows

Current Top 3 albums?
Fear Of A Blank Planet, The Face Of Mount Molehill, Takk…

Most influential Musician?
Gavin Harrison.

If you weren’t a Muso, what would you be?
A bassist.

A little about our Drummer …

The youngest member of the band, Henry joined us in 2009 on his 18th Birthday after an introduction from our mutual friend Agnieskza at Metal Mind in Poland.

Having spent his early days under the wing of a Big Band drummer and surrounding himself with seasoned professional jazz musicians, Hen developed a strong affiliation to the genre and still considers no other music style to push the boundaries of Rhythm more. Incorporating the endurance and passion of Jazz with his broad love of Funk, Rock & Progressive Rock, Hen has adopted a very unique and versatile style of playing and brings this fresh and punchy style to DeeExpus.

Hen is a professional, multi award winning and endorsed artist who’s reputation continues to grow.

Henry Endorses

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