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Show us your Tee

680_showus We'd love to see your DeeExpus Teeshirts on location, preferably being adorned by your good self! If you'd like to send us a picture of yourself wearing one .....

Marillion Weekend 2013

680_MW-Epilogue After having attended The Weekend in 2011 and all the stuff that's happened in between I think it's safe to say I was looking forward to this gig more than any other before it. It didn't disappoint. ....

Free Bottle Opener


We have a rake of these to give away in Holland this weekend. If you’re stuck for something to open those bottles of Leffe, catch one of us and say Hi ….

CRS Awards 2013


We’re very proud of Henry Rogers and Mike Varty who took Best Drummer and Best Keyboard Player respectively at the CRS awards on Saturday night. Two brilliant musicians and two fantastic lads, never has an award been more well deserved. Congrats boys!

Micky Moonlights with Tygers

Micky has joined the ranks of The Tygers of Pan Tang as their new lead guitarist. He’s an incredibly talented guitarist and deserves to progress with his career, so we wish him well. Micky remains a valuable member of DeeExpus and we still like him. Mostly.

Mark Kelly Q and A

Mark has very kindly agreed to do a little DeeExpus Q&A next weekend (16th/17th February) for us, so anyone who would like to know anything with regards to his involvement with the band, his dietary preferences or his penchant for tinkling ivories … please post your questions here and he’ll answer them from his Ranch in the Deep South.


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