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Tour News

We announced a little while ago that John would be leaving his post in DX due to time restraints. He’s a great friend who remains a part of the family and will still be involved in some capacity moving forward. In the mean time, we’d like to announce the addition of yet another fine North East talent to the ranks, Mr Dave Anderson. Dave likes walks on the Beach, shopping for shoes and playing with “the UK’s Number 1 Floyd Tribute band” – Shine on. He also has a Pedal Board the size of a small country.

We had our first production rehearsal at Leamington Assembly on Saturday, with Dave on Bass and Andy taking over lead vocal from Tony. Everything went according to plan with no major hiccups and the band are very excited to get out on the road and air the latest DeeExpus incarnation. Dave will take over from 8th September when we play with Manning in York and John will play his final gig at Stanley Festival on 26th August.

Tony Leaves the Band for Health Reasons

From Tony …

“Dear friends. It is with great regret that I am announcing my departure from DeeExpus for health reasons.  Six weeks ago I was diagnosed as having developed a condition known as Chronic Cluster Headache.  If anyone reading suffers from or knows someone who suffers from this will understand how disabling this condition is when it hits.  The attacks strike me as soon as I go into REM sleep and it’s like being woken with an ice pick shoved forcibly into my right eye and repeatedly stabbed for over an hour.  It then stops, until I go back to sleep and the cycle starts over again.  It’s a bit like being a character in Basic Instinct, but without all the rudeness.  Naturally this has left me physically and mentally exhausted and only able to maintain concentration for short periods of time over the day. This led me to feel now was the time to simplify my life.  I agonised over leaving the band and kept thinking I would be making a big mistake if I did go; however I then realised I could be making an even bigger mistake health wise if I didn’t.  I’m in the hands of the Neurologists now and am hopeful they can find the most effective treatment soon.

There is more information on Cluster Headaches here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cluster_headache

I have had an amazing time over the past 6 years, had some amazing experiences and met some amazing people, many of whom I now count amongst my friends.  I have played, laughed, cried and drank with some brilliant musicians.

I wish the band every success in the future and I’m sure they will keep on going on to bigger and better things.  If I can stay involved somehow, maybe penning the odd lyric, laying down the odd backing vocal or helping Andy find a word to rhyme with Obeisance, then I happily will.  I’ll be hanging around at the odd gig too.  And at the after party.

One thing the formation of DeeExpus created was not just the music, but a great friendship, which remains as strong as ever.  Therefore my final words go to Andy.  Without you those dreams that I had as a teenager would never have been realised.  I have recorded two albums, filmed a DVD, traveled far and wide, my lyrics have been heard and touched people on the other side of the world and, most importantly to me,  I penned a lasting tribute to my father.  None of this would have been possible without you, mate.  To quote:

If I could have my time again,

I wouldn’t change a thing

And I thank you” “

For Toe – Firstly, Id like to wish Tony all the very best for a speedy recovery, enabling consummation of pints once again. The poor lad’s been dry for about 8 weeks and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Get well soon mate …. then gettem in …

Secondly, I’d like to pay homage to the contribution you’ve made to DeeExpus and acknowledge that it wouldn’t have been what it is without you mate. Your superb and moving lyrics have been both inspirational and touching. Half Way Home, The King and Maybe September for me contain some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard, let alone performed and specifically the concept for King of Number 33 was genius. Thank You.

So what now for DeeExpus ….

As you can imagine, Tony’s announcement to me came as a bolt out of the blue. I was shocked to say the least.

After going through the initial panic and disillusionment and considering winding the band up, I came to my senses and popped out of the other side. With much encouragement and support from the rest of the lads, friends and family, I’ve decided to front the band at least until after the upcoming shows when we will re address the situation for album 3.

Thanks everyone for your support and love over the past few years and we look forward to seeing you on tour soon.

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